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Mergers And Acquisitions - From Little Acorns

Andrew Stuart
3 years ago
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Buying a small company Many small companies have great potential but need funding and expertise. There are many opportunities such as realising the benefit of intellectual property, having innovative services and products or simply building on existing contracts with multinational customers. Where do you find companies to buy? Our research team can produce lists of companies in defined sectors filtered by size or many other criteria and not just in UK; our data resources are across Europe. Our network includes insolvency firms which sometimes offer bargain priced acquisitions of businesses, which may have failed only due to a shortage of cash. Smaller business acquisitions can help build your business faster but you still need to check out your target with comprehensive due diligence and this is sometimes too expensive for a small acquisition. Pre-acquisition: Confidentiality agreement Heads of terms Valuation Due diligence – a thorough review of the target company Legal and other advisors Financing and acquisition structure Taxation Post-acquisition Systems and financial reporting (possibly cross-border if an overseas acquisition) Group IP or other know-how protection HR issues and integration We specialise in packaging everything you need to make an acquisition. Our small company acquisition service includes: Market research – finding target companies All pre-acquisition work including our small company, low cost due diligence solution Post acquisition systems review, including accounts, HR and ecommerce platforms, comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning systems and software integration. Financial reporting Translation support services within our own group for cross border acquisitions We co-ordinate all advisors and deliver a “joined up” solution with manageable fees.