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Due Diligence

Andrew Stuart
3 years ago
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In any commercial transaction there are risks, particularly if you are paying for something. You might be buying Company shares An existing business from a company or sole trader/partnership An existing business or assets from a liquidation Brand name(s) Intellectual property, possibly patented inventions Property or lease assignments Our experienced teams carry out full due diligence on company acquisitions but more is needed than just financial due diligence. If you are buying a brand name you need to check that it is secure, registered and prove title. Intellectual property is a complex area with country specific or worldwide patents and again the owner needs to be clearly identifiable and verifiable. We have access to extensive search facilities through credit and search agencies and even private detectives where we can verify the target and also carry out due diligence on the people involved. First you need to know what verification is needed – we will make sure you ask the right questions.