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The Real Cost Of Free Movement Of Labour

Andrew Stuart
3 years ago
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Everybody should be free to leave their own country and seek to travel through or live in foreign countries. True freedom means that countries foreign to you should also have the freedom to disallow your entry to their country. The EU’s policy of free movement, forcing EU members to accept anybody from other EU countries, encouraged people from countries with lower wages to seek higher wages, mainly in Western Europe. In a free and democratic Europe, should people have to suffer the social cost of leaving their homes and families to give themselves a chance of success? When Romania joined the EU, the exodus of young Romanians to wealthier EU countries, left Romania deprived of a young and energetic workforce. I visited a clothing manufacturer in Cluj in 2009 which, since joining the EU in 2007, had lost half of their 2,000 strong workforce to countries like Britain, Spain and Germany and also lost half of their customers as a result. Not good for Romania’s economic growth at the time. Perhaps businesses in western European countries should have been encouraged to invest in those new EU and EU candidate countries, rather than having been encouraged to steal their workforce. The opportunity is still there. At GSI, we have found well educated, multilingual and enthusiastic people, wanting to train and learn new skills. We are investing in Macedonia and offer Business Process Outsourcing at lower cost to countries with higher wages. The result is that companies in the higher wage countries make more profit and pay more tax and it also generates taxes and employment in Macedonia. In Macedonia we are creating jobs for people in their home country and like to pay more than average local pay rates. Why should people have to run away from their home country to succeed, depriving their own country of social and economic development? Cloud based operations and a global workforce is the future. Maximise resources and minimise costs. Compete effectively and generate economic growth for the benefit of all.