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BREXIT Insurance

Andrew Stuart
3 years ago
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The politicians of the European Union, including Theresa May, our British Prime Minister, have spent the last two years debating what is best for Britain in leaving the EU and also what is best for the EU. There seems to be little agreement on the best way forward but one thing which is certain is that they all agree on ever more taxation of our businesses and our staff. It is unlikely that our government will be offering tax breaks to compensate British companies for loss of business across the EU. Businesses trading with the EU which, unlike governments, cannot simply increase taxes to fund their operations, have to generate real income to pay their staff, overheads and taxes. Businesses need commercial solutions and the first step is to establish a base within the EU. We have accountancy and business consulting services based in London and Malta and a British- managed, business process outsourcing centre in Macedonia, where we provide a full range of outsourced services, including administrative roles, accounting, design and supporting translation services with over 100 language pairs. We can arrange a tax efficient group structure with a trading company in Malta, which has free trade access to the member states of the European Union. There are not only solutions to Brexit problems but real opportunities to be more efficient, cut costs, increase profit and to structure your business tax efficiently. Malta is an independent member of the European Union with strong, historic ties to Britain. The legal and tax system is founded on British laws, cars drive on the left, English is spoken throughout Malta and the economy is growing. Malta has one of the highest growth rates in the EU according to the World Bank, with 6.4% growth in 2017. We provide a full range of corporate services including setting up companies, all legal compliance issues, registration under the Malta Financial Services Act where applicable and financial and accounting services. We can also assist with international trade issues such as invoicing, VAT, shipping and duties where trading outside EU group financial reporting. Macedonia has a highly educated and available workforce with excellent language skills and wages comparable with China. We can provide HR, recruitment and legal compliance for your staff in our offices in Macedonia which you can train direct or for UK accounting services, we have trained staff available. “No Deal” Brexit need not be a threat. Take the opportunity to turn it into a blessing and help your business achieve serious growth on the world stage.